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Providing payroll services (salaris administratie) in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has fairly high payroll taxes. For example, the income tax rate for persons with an annual salary of more than 68.5 thousand euros is 49.50%. But thanks to various tax benefits, the lion’s share of earnings (about 75%) still remains at the disposal of the local worker.  We provide wage tax filing and salary slips (salaris administratie) for all kinds of business types, including retail and leisure.

30% allowance ruling

Quite simply: 30% ruling, a.k.a. 30% regeling, is a tax rebate designed to (financially) make it easier for an expat to move to the Netherlands. The objective of the ruling is, on the one hand, to ease the financial burden of those who, due to a new job, are forced to change their place of residence for the whole family and move to live and work in Netherlands for a long time, and on the other hand, to facilitate the employer’s reporting related to expenses for relocation of such an employee. And it is called “30% ruling” precisely because it allows you to receive 30% of your gross salary without taxes. We will be happy to apply the 30% allowance ruling for you.

Dutch employers have the option of preferential (tax-free) reimbursement of employee expenses related to moving to work in the Netherlands, the so-called, extraterritorial costs. The company can reimburse such expenses either individually and in fact, i.e. separately for the flight to the interview, separately for the transportation of things, etc.; or the employer can request for the employee the so-called, 30% ruling, thus making it easier for the migrant to financially acclimatize.

IT integration payroll system

We can integrate the payroll we run for you with your other IT systems, thus optimizing your efficiency.